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Even Nectar is Poison

Mercer Addison

Forced to flee Ireland on a ruse created by his nefarious brother, Donald McShane lands in Manhattan. After he is cleared of wrong doing back home, Donald sends for his wife, and his two young children, a son, and a daughter. They are sailing to him on the Titanic.

When the ship sinks it opens up a streamer trunk full of mysteries, and one of those mysteries is what Donald discovers when he goes to Halifax to claim his wife’s body. Is Donald’s family dead or alive?

Olivia Marsh, a suffragette returning home on the Titanic saves a little girl during the sinking when she is tossed over the Titanic’s railing. Once back home in Manhattan, Olivia is caught up in trying to figure out if the silent child was thrown overboard to save her or kill her and she concludes it’s the latter.

This is a drama of family betrayal, high society snobbery, forced child labor, gangs of orphan boys, suffragettes, but most of all, it is about love.

Price: $4.99