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PRE-ORDER The Language of Sisters

Cathy Lamb

Pre-order your signed & personalized copy from Jan's Paperbacks.  The books will be signed by Cathy on October 8th and shipping will begin October 9th.  Please note how you would like your book(s) personalized in the 'comments' section at check out.

My new novel, The Language of Sisters, is out September 1, 2016. I PROMISE I will not hit you over the head with it from now until then as that can be so annoying.

But, a few clues about the story…

  1. Toni Kozlovsky lives on a yellow tugboat in the Willamette River. She needed space to breathe.

2. Toni has two sisters. They can sometimes hear each other in their heads, a message coming through. It’s odd, it’s inexplicable. It’s a gift handed down the Sabonis family line through their widow’s peaks. Their mother had it, too.

3. The family immigrated from Russia when Toni was a little girl. They left a lot of secrets there…and the secrets have been running after them ever since.

4. The family has many crazy members and the dynamics can be mind blowing. You might relate to some of them.

5. Toni has something hidden in a little shed next to her tugboat.  She doesn’t want to look at it. She doesn’t want to think about it. But she does.

6. Love. Laughter. Funny stuff. A blue heron, a woman named Daisy, a DEA agent who lives down the dock, a restaurant, a scary man. Pillow making, skinny dipping, too much wine. More laughter.

I hope you like it, I truly do.

Price: $15.00
Weight: 12 oz