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The Last Time I Was Me

Cathy Lamb

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The Last Time I Was Me is about a woman named Jeanne Stewart who has just hit crisis point in her life.

Unfortunately, she has reached that crisis point in front of 834 advertising execs, calling them, “pointless” and “schmucks.” She has also assaulted her cheating boyfriend in a creative and, some might say, humorous fashion, and is now facing both criminal and civil charges. She is grieving for her mother, still hiding from her past, and wondering if she should drive her new-old Bronco into the Pacific Ocean. When the moon is full and her truck packed with her high heel collection, her grandmother’s teacups, a violin that brings her to tears, and her mother’s china, she heads for Oregon.

In Oregon Jeanne enters a court-ordered Anger Management program, runs naked along a river, falls in love, buries a body, learns more than she ever wanted to about germs, re-builds a house, eats piles of pancakes for the first time in years, covers herself in peanut butter, flies like a bird, runs a gubernatorial campaign, reaches out to those in desperate need of help, and endures a court trial.

She’s busy.

Hope you enjoy The Last Time I Was Me.  It might make you cry. Might make you laugh. So get your chocolates and bubble bath ready before you begin.

Price: $15.00
Weight: 12 oz