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Mr. Ridley

Delilah Marvelle

SIGNED COPIES AVAILABLE INCLUDING PERSONALIZATION BY DELILAH MARVELLE (Include personalization instructions in the 'notes' at checkout). 

SHIPPING DATE: on or around 3/27/17

Book 1 of 3, each roped together by one man and one woman bent on one twisted passion of making the other writhe.

Criminals fear the iron fist of justice he delivers. Scotland Yard will do anything to get their hands on his mind which is a weapon in and of itself. Whilst women? They crawl in the hope of becoming his. But only one woman is about to hold his career and his heart hostage.

Jemdanee (Kumar) Lillian Watkins is a botanical savant who ends up getting arrested for a crime she didn't commit. Only one man believes her: Mr. Ridley. She soon realizes this overly regimented dark hero is lining her heart up for trouble.

Please note: Unlike most historical romances where the hero & heroine's love for each other stops at a mere one book, this full length book is the beginning of many (Book episodes!) following the highly charged romantic saga of a couple through the rise and fall and storms of their relationship. Every book is tied up and will be released in timely 2 month increments.

Price: $14.99
Weight: 12 oz