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Women's Fiction Book Signing

Local Women's Fiction authors, Judith Ashley and Sarah Raplee, will be visiting Jan's Paperbacks on Saturday November 18th to greet customers, talk about their latest releases, as well as sign books. All are welcome.

Judith Ashley will also be giving away Sacred Space kits to any customers purchasing her books (limit 1 per customer).

Book Summary - ELIZABETH by Judith Ashley
The Lady and Elizabeth are friends of a sort. Her recurring dream of being beckoned to Ireland started when she was five and has continued until now. Excited for this once-in-a-life time trip to search for The Lady buoys her on the long trans-Atlantic flight. Seeing The Lady’s image when she is with Michael Murphy an Irishman she meets on the plane is a puzzle.
Falling in love with Michael is the biggest mistake she’s ever made. To have Michael, she must break her commitment to The Circle. To have The Circle she must turn her back on Michael and a love she never dreamed could be hers. 

Book Summary - BLINDSIGHT by Sarah Raplee
A tenacious FBI Psychic Agent who can find anything… A lonely blind woman with a dangerous kiss… A brutal psychic criminal obsessed with killing one and controlling the other… FBI Level-10 Dowser Hector Guerrero, undercover at a drug lord’s remote wilderness wedding, learns the man that murdered his family plans to kidnap the psychically Talented blind wedding singer. Unable to allow the Cartel to enslave another victim, he tries to protect her and ends up in a torture chamber. Luckily, Melisenda Smith is as resourceful as she is beautiful—and she needs Hector’s help to escape with her elderly guide dog. Fighting a perilous attraction, Meli and Hector must rely on one another to survive a relentless wilderness pursuit. When they stumble onto the Cartel’s hidden prison camp Hector’s been seeking, will ghosts from his past destroy their chance for a future together? Fans of Kay Hooper's Bishop/SCU novels may enjoy this book.

Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 11:00am
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