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Trade Policy

We sell or trade. We do not buy books.

  • Trade credit does not apply toward new books, "cash only" books, sale books or new merchandise.
  • All prices are based on the original cover price of the book. The exceptions are, cover prices lower than $3.95 will be raised to current market value and some older classics. Current market cover price will be clearly marked on book.
  • We are happy to accept two (2) grocery sacks of books per customer, per visit, no boxes please. 
  • No loose incoming books, please bag them.
  • We clean ALL books before they are shelved.
  • Audio books must be traded for audio books.
  • Sci-Fi must be traded for Sci-Fi.
  • Hardcover books will be accepted within 4 months of publication. 
  • We may not accept some Harlequins or older numbered romances.
  • We will accept your gently used books anytime during our business hours. Books accepted are at the discretion of the book store representative.
  • Incoming books may not be accepted after 5:30 Monday - Saturday.
  • Unclaimed books and containers will be disposed of daily.


What We Do NOT Take:

  • Books with markings
  • Clipped corners
  • Holes punched in corners
  • Covers that are torn or faded or missing covers
  • Loose pages
  • Stickers
  • Stains or moisture damage
  • Dirty, sticky, dusty, warped or bent
  • We do not accept textbooks, library books, magazines
  • We DO NOT accept Harlequin series books, book club editions, reader digest books, or any books in poor condition. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse any book.


Pricing Per Book

  • We will give 25% of the book's original publisher's price in store credit. Credit is tracked and kept on file. Credit never expires and has no cash value. 
  • Credit may be applied towards the purchase of used books at the rate of 1/2 credit, 1/2 cash or charge. 
  • For example: if a cover price is $8.00, the price in our store is $4.00, you may use $2.00 credit and $2.00 cash/credit card/debit card. 
  • Credit may not be applied to new books, special orders or other store merchandise. 
  • Our inventory software can remember what you have turned in for credit or purchased, preventing you from purchasing the same book twice.