Do you offer curbside service?

Yes. We always have. We are a small store so it is much easy to accomodate our customers current situations.

Are you open for browsing? 

Yes. But, obviously there are some certain limitations during the Covid era. 

 1 - If you just want to browse and not buy anything, please beware if there are other people that want in the store. We love browsers, but unfortunately, if people that will buy are stopped from coming in the store this hurts our business. 

 2 - Beware of the space your group takes. If it's only 1 person or multiple. Understand the space you inhabit. Is it blocking access to other sections? If multiple people came in together but split up when you got in the door, you are limiting other customers available space. 

 3 - Stop before you touch product and ask yourself, am I deciding whether I want to buy this or not? Or am I just looking at it cause it's fun to look at. If there is no option where you will purchase that item, touching it just increases your risk and others. 

Can you order books?

Yes. Absolutely! We love to order. But not everything is available to be ordered.

Who is Jan?

She is the original owner who opened the store but retired in 2000. 

Side question - why didn't you change the name to Lori's? 

Because it's really not smart to lose 40 years of history for vanity sake.