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Welcome to 2019

Wow, we survived 2018! And as most of you know, for the bookstore...that was not a given. So to say that we are still around, and settled in to our new digs is kinda amazing. We finished the year by getting the rest of our stuff out of storage and getting all our shelves up for overstock.

We had to stop our previous blog with the move and the website switch, just for pure time constraints. But we know that quite a lot of our readers enjoy getting a look into our authors worlds by following their blogs. We wanted to get it back up and running in the new year. Nothing like a deadline to get you motivated, so thanks to Kat Martin, we got it going!

With all that being said, this is my open call to all authors, artists, businesses that need a space to share their words. We are happy to host you on our blog and help spread the joy of our little Jan's community.

As far as Jan's go, I'll pop on every so often and share funny stories or adventures that we get in to. Make sure you are following us on Instagram, Jan's Beaverton, Facebook, Jan's Paperbacks and Twitter, Jan's Paperbacks for daily updates and funnies.

We are looking forward to all the fun to be had in 2019!

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